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The Sherman M4A1 76W: This first 76 Sherman into Combat in US Hands; The Sherman M4A2 Medium Tank: Major Sherman Model rarely used by the US Army. The Sherman M4A2 76w: The most common Soviet Sherman; The Sherman M4A3 Medium Tank. The Sherman M4A3 76W: The tank that would grow into the ultimate Sherma Map M4A2(76)W Tank (Tourist attraction) - detailed map of the area (basic, tourist, satellite, panorama, etc.), route planning, GPS and much more on Mapy.cz Tato stránka je o americkém M4A2 (76) W Sherman, pokud hledáte pro prémii SSSR verzi, vizM4A2 (76)

M4A2(76)W. The M4A2(76)W was the upgunned late variant, of which over 3230 will be delivered until May 1945. It was fitted with the modified T23 turret, which housed the M1 L/55 gun, which gave an overall length of 7.57 m (25 feet). With the GM 6046 diesel and 673 liters (178 gal) of fuel, the range was 161 km (100 mi). The weight rose to 33.3. M4A2 (76)W był udanym pojazdem. Przezbrojenie go w potężną armatę M1 kalibru 76 mm zapewniło mu potężną siłę ognia. To pozwoliło na podjęcie walki z najnowsz.. Are there any differences between the M4A1 (76) W vs M4A2 (76) W? They appear to be the exact same other than the A2 is faster. Any armor or maneuverability differences? And which do you prefer to play (in sim, of course) M4A2 (76) W, pokud hledáte pro standardní americkou variantu, vizM4A2 (76) W Sherma

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Los M4A2 (76) W Shermanes un tanque medio estadounidense Rango III con una calificación de 5.0 batalla.Fue uno de los primeros tanques americanos para ser liberados con el árbol de tierra americana enActualizar 1.45 Generales de acero.El depósito es similar a laM4A2 original tanque, excepto con el mejor76 mm arma en la torreta T23.. Los principales efectos, uso y tácticas recomendacione Britain only received five M4A2(76) vehicles, the vast majority of the 2915 built were sent to the Soviet Union who received 2073. Not all of these vehicles were fitted with the HVSS suspension as production of the E8 equipped tanks only began in December 1944. It is believed that only the Soviet Union used the M4A2 (76)W HVSS in action during.

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The M4A2(76)W carried the 76mm gun and had the new 'wet' shell storage system. In the original M4 the shells were carried in racks in the sponsons, where they were very vulnerable to damage. In the 'wet' system the racks were moved into the floor. Sixty five 76mm shells were carried on either side of the drive shaft, protected by 34.5 gallons. m4a2(76)をhvssサスペンションに変更した1945年に入ってから生産開始された後期生産車。イギリスに5輌渡された以外はソ連に460輌ほどがレンドリースされたが、全て太平洋ルートでシベリアに揚陸されたため、対独戦には間にあっていない

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The M4A2 (76)W was a fairly common variant for lend-lease to the Soviet Union, where it saw action with the Polish units fighting alongside the Soviets, as well as with the Soviets themselves. Varian 主要有m4,m4a1,m4a2,m4a3,m4a4,m4a6这6种型号的改进型车,主炮有75毫米,76毫米,105毫米。 前期M4的火力虽略显不足,但它的坚固,可靠和耐久性好。 在整二战期间,M4成为美军坦克力量的骨干 Arcade Battles review of the American medium tank, the M4A2 Sherman with the 76mm gun. How do you play it? What are its strengths and weaknesses?Join War Thu..

1) Spolu s verzí M4A2(76)W Palivo : 40oktanová nafta, 148 US galonů Otáčení věže : hydraulické a manuální, otočení o 360° za 15 vteřin Britské označení : Sherman IIIAY, celkem 5 tanků této verze (IIIA a IIIAY) šlo do UK a 2073 do Sovětského svazu: 1) Together with version M4A2(76)W Fuel : 40octane diesel, 148 US gallon 1) Spolu s verzí M4A2 (76)W HVSS. Palivo : 40oktanová nafta, 148 US galonů. Otáčení věže : hydraulické a manuální, otočení o 360° za 15 vteřin. Britské označení : Sherman IIIA, celkem 5 tanků této verze (IIIA a IIIAY) šlo do UK a 2073 do Sovětského svazu. 1) Together with version M4A2 (76)W HVSS M4A2(76)W Sherman / 1:35 / USA / Druhá světová válka / Tanky / Vojenská vozidla a zařízení / Plastikové modely M4A2(76) W Sherman (Soviet Service) / 1:72 / USA / Druhá světová válka / Tanky / Vojenská vozidla a zařízení / Plastikové modely The M4A2 is rather slow for a Sherman (actually, I believe it's the slowest one - even the Jumbos beat it in acceleration). It gets a lot better when you upgrade it - there's a few vehicles that seem to really suffer from a lack of engine upgrades (the Pershings and the M4A2 76 are some of, if not the worst offenders

M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman Easy 8 tank, privately owned, Scarborough, Ontario. Shirley's Bay, Connaught Ranges and Primary Training Centre. M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman Easy 8 tank, privately owned. The concrete pad for this tank is in place, but the tank itself is currently missing, possibly returned to a private owner. (Author Photos, 13 June 2020 The M4A2 (76)W was a fairly common variant for lend-lease to the Soviet Union, where it saw action with the Polish units fighting alongside the Soviets, as well as with the Soviets themselves. Varian M4A2E8 / M4A2(76)W HVSS - Actualizado con suspensión HVSS (Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension), equipado con el cañón M1 de 76 mm. M4A3 - Motor V8 Ford GAA ; casco soldado; en versiones de cañones de 75, 76 y 105 mm. El M4A3 fue el preferido por el Ejército de los Estados Unidos

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  1. Обзор М4А3 76 W Шерман - средний танк США модель Meng 1:35, M4A3 Sherman tank review Meng model 1/35 - Watch video Watch video in high qualit
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The M4 Sherman, officially Medium Tank, M4, was the most widely used medium tank by the United States and Western Allies in World War II. The M4 Sherman proved to be reliable, relatively cheap to produce, and available in great numbers The M4A2 (76) is upgraded with the 76mm M1 gun and 47° glacis with large drivers' hatches Quite recently, someone came up with photos of Canadian Shermans in use as APCs. Patrick Brennan sent me some scans of Canadian de-turreted M4A2(76)W Shermans in use as APCs. He provided the following comments: In the book Weapons and Tactics [by Jac Weller (London: Nicholas Vane (Publishers) Limited, 1966)] there are two photographs of Shermans used as Armored Personnel Carriers The M4A2(76)W was a wet tank with large hatches from the beginning. It's 76mm T23 turret was the same as the ones installed on all the other 76 tanks, and probably went through the same series of minor changes. The hull is almost indiscernible from a M4A3(76)W. A total of 1,594 M4A2(76)W was manufactured between May 44 and Dec 44

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  1. 该军共有:m4a2:72辆,mkix:2辆,su-76:17辆,su-85:11辆,isu-122:13辆;总计:115辆。 与4月的数据相较,3月份时机械化第1军的部队结构并没有什么太大的改变——该单位的主力仍是由轻型、中型及重型自行火炮支援的m4a2
  2. M4A2 (76) W. Z Warthunder Wiki PL. Skocz do: nawigacja, szukaj. Ta strona jest o premii ZSRR . M4A2 (76) W, jeśli szukasz standardowej odmianie amerykańskiej, patrzM4A2 (76) W Sherman.
  3. The M4A2(76)W was not an important Sherman in the west during WWII. Just about the whole production run was shipped off to the Soviet Union, where it was well received. The M4A2(76)W was a wet tank w
  4. M4A2(76)W Sherman. Description. Description. During WWII, the primary tank used by the United, was the Sherman M4. The tank was provided to Russia via the Lend-Lease Act, which supplied the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China, France and other allied nations with weapons and military vehicles in return for military bases. In late 1942, the.

Four-view technical drawing of M4A2(76)W Sherman tank. Medium Tank M4A2(76)W Sherman Original Drawing by D. P. Dyer (1978 The M4A2(76)W was not an important Sherman in the west during WWII. The M4A2(76)W was a wet tank with large hatches from the beginning. The hull is almost indiscernible from a M4A3(76)W. A total of 1,594 M4A2(76)W was manufactured between May 44 and Dec 44

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  1. M4A1E4/M4A1(76)W: Oborožen s topom76 mm M1. M4A1E8/M4A1(76)W HVSS: Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension (HVSS). M4A1E9: neznana konfiguracija, verjetno izboljšava verzije M4A1 s topom 76 mm. M4A2: Uporabniki: Sovjetska zveza (M4C), Korpus mornariške pehote Združenih držav Amerike, Francija, Združeno kraljestvo in Poljska
  2. M4A2 (76) RED ARMY (1:35) - 6188 Prodej tohoto produktu byl ukončen. z kategorie Technika..
  3. De M4 Sherman, M4 medium tank, of populair Sherman tank, ook wel kortweg Sherman was de belangrijkste tank die in de Verenigde Staten ontwikkeld en gebouwd werd tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog.. De M4 medium tank, Sherman is een verdere ontwikkeling van de M3 medium tank, de M3 Lee.Ze werd vernoemd naar de Amerikaanse generaal William T. Sherman die tijdens de Amerikaanse Burgeroorlog voor de.
  4. M4A2 76 mm (W) Sherman IV. M4A3 75 mm. Sherman V. M4A4 75 mm. Sherman V-C. M4A4 (17 pdr. Firefly) The first models of Shermans had the short-barreled medium-velocity 75 mm M3 gun, a weapon not specifically designed for anti-tank combat. Actually, it was a derivation of a French 75 mm gun of World War I

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Again, the powerplant was the Continental R975 gasoline engine. The M4A1(76)W fitted the improved 76.2mm main gun (US Army sources state it simply as the 76) and featured a cast hull with the Continental R975 radial gasoline engine. The M4A2 sported the familiar 75mm main gun, a welded hull and the General Motors GM 6046 2x6 diesel engine The stats of the M4A2 are similar to that of the M4A2 (76), albeit inferior pen. History. Compared to its predecessor, the M4A2 is the only 75 mm Sherman with an uninterrupted and welded front glacis sloped at 47 degrees. This eliminates most of the weak points of the earlier M4A1 and M4 models, though most enemy weaponry can penetrate the. Aktuální sleva na M4A2 76mm. ''WET'' SHERMAN Road to Berlin 1:35 v obchodu Heureka.cz. Nakupujte výhodně s eMimino.cz Tamiya 25105 M4A2(76)W Sherman 'Red Army' 1/35 Scale Model Kit with Figures. $58.60. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Top Rated Plus seller Top Rated Plus seller Top Rated Plus seller. Military Building Model DIY Scenario 1/35 European Wooden Door Model Set. $21.02 Furono realizzati 6.281 esemplari con il cannone da 75 mm. e 3.426 col cannone da 76 millimetri. M4A2 (Sherman III) Per sostituire il motore Whirlwind fu progettato un motore ottenuto accoppiando due motori di 12 cilindri a V di autobus (diesel) General Motors 6046 su un unico volano, raffreddati a liquido, dalla potenza complessiva di 375 HP a.

2915 (Total M4A2(76)W) Production Period: May 1944 - May 1945 . DIMENSIONS: Combat weight with T66 tracks: 34630 kg. Ground pressure: 0.744 kg/cm². Предлагаю добавить обвесную броню для средних танков шерман и джамбо. 1) Для М4А1 и М4А1(76)w защиту в виде двух бронелистов заваренных во лбу корпуса поверх друг друга, толщина одного бронелиста 20мм из катаной гомогенной. Long row of M4A3(76) W Sherman HVSS tanks enter Eichstatt Germany 25 April 1945. Shermans of the 25th Tank Battalion, 14th Armored Division M4A2 Sherman of the 5th Tank Battalion Marines - Iwo Jima M4 Sherman tank in Cologne 1945 US 6th Marine Division M4 Sherman Tank Under Fire at Naha Okinaw The next Cyber-Hobby Orange Box new item comes as a Red Army M4A2(76) tank. A total of 4,102 M4A2 medium tanks were sent to the U.S.S.R. under Lend-Lease. To make the kit more valuable, the kit also includes a fine 1/35 scale Maxim machine gun as well

The M4A2(76)HVSS shown above is thought to have been demilitarized and converted to a turretless tractor shortly after WW II. It is on display at the Safonovo Museum, alongside the M4A2(76)VVSS recovered from the Thomas Donaldson. It has been reported as being Serial Number 64669, which would indicate February, 1945 acceptance.. M4A2(76,援蘇型) M4A3 M4A3E2 「巨無霸」 M4A3E8(76) Easy Eight M4A4 M4A4 螢火蟲 英式名稱 Sherman IB Sherman I Hybrid Sherman II Sherman IIIA Sherman IV Sherman IVAY Sherman V Sherman VC 乘員 5人 5人 5人 5人 5人 5人 5人 5人 4人(無前機槍操作/機電員編制) 主武裝 105毫米M4榴彈砲: 75毫米M3. It mated a modified M4A2 (M4A3 in M10A1 models) Sherman chassis with the M7 76.2mm gun in a rotating turret. It was a reliable and powerful weapon during its production run from September 1942 to December 1943 Movie Prop Level M4A3E8 Fury 1/16 RC Tank, M4 Sherman Scale Model Tank, M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman Radio Remote Control Tank, American Medium Tank M4A2 Sherman. Please note: this is a pre-paid order

m4a2(76)w m4a3(75)w m4a3(76)w hvss m4a3(105) hvss m4a3e2 sherman vc Розміри Довжина, мм 6200 6300 6270 6270 6270 6270 6890 Довжина з гарматою, мм 7470 7600 6270 7540 6270 6270 7850 Ширина, мм 2620 2670 2670 3000 3000 2936 2750 Висота, мм 2740 2970 2939 297 The M4A2(76)W was built by Fisher Tank Arsenal, Pressed Steel Car Co. 2915 were produced between May 1944 and May 1945. The Primary armament was a 76mm Gun (M1A1, M1A1C, or M1A2). Powered by a Diesel General Motors 6046 of [email protected] which could power the beast to a maximum speed of 28 mph (46km/h). The vehicle received the W suffix as. m4a2谢尔曼中型坦克坦克与m4a3 76w有什么区别? - ?--->> m4a3换装了76mm坦克主炮,才可能在1.5km内正面击穿德国的大多数坦克,坦克炮的口径是唯一的区别 m4a2 苏军 谢尔曼 坦克带内构吗 - ? --->> 在二次大战中,m4谢尔曼在美国陆军和美国海军陆战队服役,也被同属同盟国的英国(包含澳洲和加拿大)、苏联. M4A2(76)W HVSS - Widetrack HVSS suspension; 76mm M1 gun. M4A3 - Fitted with Ford GAA V-8 gasoline engines; 75mm, 76mm or 105mm main guns; main US Army operational Sherman. M4A3(75) - 75mm M3 main gu

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M4A2(76) Model built by Kirill Shubnikov. M4A2(76W) Red Army. Model built by Kirill Shubnikov. M4A3 - 75mm gun, with oval loader hatch, different enginedeck (reworked Trumpeter 07224) M4A3E8 (HVVS) - 76mm gun in T23 turret, with oval loader hatch, HVVS suspension, T66 Tracks (reworked Trumpeter 07224 <M4A2中戦車 76.2mm砲搭載型(初期生産車)> 全長: 7.493m 車体長: 6.299m 全幅: 2.667m 全高: 2.972m 全備重量: 33.294t 乗員: 5名 エンジン: GM 6046 2ストローク直列12気筒液冷ディーゼル 最大出力: 410hp/2,900rp Large hatch M4A2 Shermans. M4A2 76mm. Saved by Gary Miller. 12. Us Army Vehicles Armored Vehicles Sherman Tank Armored Fighting Vehicle Ww2 Tanks Historical Pictures Special Forces Photos Du World War

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ソビエト M4A2(76) レッドアーミー w/マキシム重機関銃,プラモデル,サイバーホビー,1/35 AFVシリーズ (Super Value Pack),9154 の通販ご案内。この他 M4A2 シャーマン,M4A2系車輌,M4 76mm砲搭載,M4シャーマン系車輌,WW2 ソ連 中戦車,WW2 ソ連陸軍,プラモデル に関するアイテムを取り扱っていま ソビエト m4a2(76)シャーマン戦車。ソビエト m4a2(76)シャーマン戦

Seriously! 30 Of The Best Sherman Tank Action Pictures WeDragon 1/35 M4 Sherman (75mm Normandy), by Blair StewartM4A3 soviet textures - normal, x and xx image - WShowcase: Sherman M4A3 (76) - Warlord GamesM4A1(76) Sherman by Ken Tan (Italeri 1/35)The destroyed T90 tank of SAA : DestroyedTanksThe Sherman M4A3 Medium Tank