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Mule deer are a large species of deer that live in North America. While they look like their relative, the whitetail deer, this species lives mostly in the western United States.. You can differentiate them from their whitetail cousin by looking at their ears. These deer have large ears, which look very much like those of a mule The Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) is deer species indigenous to western North America and is named for its large eyes that resemble those of a mule. Mule Deer's are mainly found throughout the western Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, the southwest United States, and North America's West Coast. Mule Deer have standing shoulder heights between 2'8-3'6 (81-107 cm), head-to-body. Mule deer usually live 9-11 years in the wild and can live to be much older when in captivity. How big are mule deer? Mule deer range from 3 to 3-1/2 feet tall at the shoulder, 4-1/2 to 7 feet long and have a tail that is 5 to 8 inches long. They can weigh between 130-280 pounds. The female deer are smaller than the male Mule deer range from 3 to 3.5 feet (0.9 to 1 meter) tall at the shoulder, 4.5 to 7 feet (1.4 to 2.1 meters) long, and have a tail that is five to eight inches (13 to 20 centimeters) long. They can weigh between 130 and 280 pounds (59 and 127 kilograms). The female deer are smaller than the male Browse 1,864 mule deer stock photos and images available, or search for mule deer buck or mule deer colorado to find more great stock photos and pictures. autumn buck - mule deer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. mule deer buck - mule deer stock illustrations

Talking Mule Deer Podcast - Season 4 Episode 8 - John Nosler Talks Nosler Ammo and the State of the Industry Listen / Download. UT Wildlife Migration Initiative: Paunsaugunt Mule Deer Capture . Chronic wasting disease - Learn More. RESEARCH • FACTS • INFORMATION LEARN Mule deer, (Odocoileus hemionus), a medium-sized, gregarious deer of western North America that derives its name from its large ears. Mule deer also have striking pelage markings, large antlers, and scent glands. Large bucks rarely exceed 95 kg (210 pounds); does weigh about a third less. Mule deer Chasing colorado mule deer through tough conditions, sealing the deal with a giant

Mule Deer in Arizona by the Arizona Game and Fish Departmen Mule Deer hunting is one of the most popular and sought after hunts in North America. These magnificent trophies are no doubt one of the top 5 most prestigious animals in North America. The problem with getting these hunts are limited tags. Most states you have to draw out, and there are very few landowner/auction tags to be purchased Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) occurs over most of North America west of the 100th meridian from 23 degrees to 60 degrees N. The eastern edge of the usual range extends from southwestern Saskatchewan through central North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and western Texas. Isolated occurrences have been reported from Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri. Major gaps in geographic distribution are. Find mule deer stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day

The mule deer (Odocileus hemionus) is a species of deer.They are sometimes called black-tailed deer.They live in western North America.Their name was given to them because of their mule-like ears.There are many subspecies, including the black-tailed deer. Unlike the white-tailed deer, mule deer lives on land west of the Missouri River.They also live in the Rocky Mountains region of North America Mule deer are commonly seen browsing in open, shrubby areas between dusk and dawn. They browse shrubs, trees and occasional grasses and forbs and retreat to tree cover to bed down during the day. Studies from Specimen Mountain in the park indicated shrubs comprised 73 percent of the animal's diet, with broad-leafed herbs an additional 26 percent Hunting mule deer in the rugged mountains of Nevada is an experience you'll never forget. We scout thoroughly in the summer months to line out our best bucks for the season. In the past five years, our clients have harvested 13 true 200+ inch deer while maintaining a 80% success rate for all weapon choices which include archery, muzzle loader. Mule deer are the largest of the five types of deer (mule, whitetail, Columbia blacktail, Sitka blacktail, and Couses') in North America. An extremely large buck can stand 42 inches at the shoulder, measure 7 feet long and weigh up to 330 pounds, with the average mature buck usually weighing between 200-250 pounds Distribution. Mule deer inhabit most of the western area of North America, from the Alaskan coastal islands, down to southern Baja Mexico. They also occur from the northern border of the state of Zacatecas in Mexico and northwards through the Great Plains to Canada, in the provinces of Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, and the south of Yukon Territory

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Guided Mule Deer Hunts. No game animal signifies true western hunting like the mule deer. Although other tactics are occasionally used to capitalize on opportunities or meet client requests, our primary tactic is glassing during guided mule deer hunts in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Sonora Mexico Gary Mule Deer. 4,503 likes · 148 talking about this. The Official Facebook page for Comedian & Musician Gary Mule Deer

Mule deer herd Roxburough State Park Colorado An autumn full moon (not a composite) sets behind a herd of mule deer standing in tall grass in Roxborough State Park, Colorado. mule deer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Features: Mule deer are larger and lighter in color than black-tails. Mule deer have a thinner ropelike tail that is white with a black tip. Their antlers are forked, as opposed to having a main beam. And as their name implies, they have large ears, like a mule, that stand at an angle. Habitat: Mule deer occupy a wide range of habitat. This is an excellent mule deer hunt. On this hunt, a hunter would expect to spend another $200 to have his harvest processed at the local butcher shop, tip the guide ($200 to $500), and cover his traveling expenses to and from Colorado. This is one of the best mule deer hunts out west with a 100% harvest in 2020

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  1. Browse 66 mule deer stock illustrations and vector graphics available royalty-free, or search for mule deer buck to find more great stock images and vector art. Newest results. mule deer buck. Mule Deer Buck Silhouette of a mule deer buck on brown background. mule deer stock illustrations
  2. Mule Deer Hunting Season Dates. Archery: Sections 105, 106, and 107 October 1-23, November 4-30, December 15-31 Sections 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 120, and 12
  3. On CRLRC, mule deer densities declined from 1.9 deer/mi 2 in 2005 to 0.7 deer/mi 2 in 2008, highlighting the variation possible in deer populations in response to drought and other factors. In general, mule deer have been declining in numbers in New Mexico since populations peaked around the 1960s, similar to declines seen throughout the West.
  4. Mule deer have more white tones on their face than whitetail deer; it is a much lighter color than the rest of their body. Mule deer have a darker forehead than that of a whitetail deer. Whitetail deer showcase a brownish tint on their face, with white rings or small circles around their face closer to the nose and eye parts
  5. We drew last year on our second year and had one of the best mule deer hunts I have been on. Saw 40-50 bucks and not 1 single hunter that got out of their truck or side by side. It was a high tag area too there was deer everywhere. Nv is a great state and just about every unit in the state can provide what you are looking for
  6. Colorado Colorado is widely regarded as the nation's top mule deer destination. Due to extremely good mule deer habitat with plenty of food and sound management practices by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the state has the largest mule deer population in the country. More big bucks are killed here every year than in any other state. Mule deer tags are only available through a limited draw here.

The mule deer hunts are fair chase and the terrain consists of badlands, draws, agricultural fields, sagebrush flats and river bottoms. Rifle season traditionally starts the second Saturday of November and goes for 16 days. A typical Mule deer is going to score between 155 BC and 180 BC, with the potential for larger Named for their large, mule-like ears, Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) are indigenous to western North America and can be grouped into two subspecies of black-tailed deer.Mule Deer are related to White Tailed Deer, a more widely distributed species native to North America, with key differences in range, ear shape, tail color, and antler configuration

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Mule deer Coloring pages. Select from 35870 printable Coloring pages of cartoons, animals, nature, Bible and many more Best of Hunting Big Mule Deer 2010-2019 Film Premiere. robby denning; Apr 11, 2021; 2. Replies 30 Views 2K. Aug 9, 2021. Behall. B. Sticky; Mule Deer Populations on the Decline? By Dr. Michael Street. Justin Crossley; Jun 21, 2021; 2. Replies 33 Views 1K. Aug 9, 2021. Buglebrush. Locked; Sticky Hunting Big Mule Deer book is available for. SCI. The Desert Mule Deer is very similar to the Rocky Mountain Mule Deer, but is slightly smaller in the body.Desert Mule Deer usually weigh 150-200 pounds, though they are sometimes heavier. Desert Mule Deer are found in southern California, southern Arizona, southern New Mexico, southwestern Texas, northern Sonora, northern Chihuahua, and northwestern Coahuila Trophy Mule Deer | True Hunts. Founded in the epicenter of monster mule deer country, True Hunts is a foremost expert on opportunities to harvest big mountain deer. Cliff has been involved in the harvest of dozens of deer over 185″, many over 200″ and has spent years researching areas that can produce top quality bucks

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Mule Deer vs White-tailed Deer - Buck Head View. The mule deer gets its name from its overly large ears. In its scientific classification, Odocoileus hemionus, the species name is Latin for half-mule. The white-tailed deer is Odocoileus virginianus — the later part of that title referring to when the species was once known as the Virginia deer What We Know About Mule Deer Subspecies. December 28, 2018 Chris Gill. Far-West Texas is home to the Desert Mule Deer, one of eleven subspecies of Odocoileus hemionus. Though larger than the Texas whitetail, Texas' mule deer are smaller than their northern cousins. For many reasons, far-West Texas' mule deer numbers have been falling. Mule Deer. Our quality Mule Deer hunts are five day hunts that take place in GMU's 42, 33,32 & 22. We have had an opportunity rate of 95% in the last five years. Our average buck will score around 165-175 inches. Through the years we have harvested many bucks scoring in the high 190's to over 200. The Rifle, Colorado and Garfield County. 6 Day General and Limited Quota, Trophy Mule Deer Hunts Oct. 1 - 14, $6,550.00, 2 on 1 guide (2 to 4 preference points required) Oct. 1 - 14, $7,950.00 Hard-Core Hunt, 1 on 1 guide (2 to 4 preference points required). Our limited quota, early October mule deer hunts take place on large, private ranches in the high-country of South Central Wyoming, and area well known for producing monster mulies

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  1. A mule deer is the largest deer in North America, not counting elk or moose, which are both deer species. If the mule deer buck is typical and healthy, he can weigh in excess of 300 pounds. They are also often nearly four feet tall at the shoulder and almost seven feet from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail
  2. This ranch produces quality mule deer and deer in excess of 180 B&C have been killed on it. This hunt will be during the regular seasons and will consist of a lot of glassing to locate the quality deer that you would want. The licenses for this hunt are across the counter and there is no draw for the tags. Sandhills Mule Deer Hunt - Unit 3
  3. Mule Deer Foundation, Salt Lake City, UT. 126,211 likes · 307 talking about this · 319 were here. The Mule Deer Foundation is the only conservation organization dedicated to ensuring the conservation..
  4. Mule Deer Breeder. HIGH DESERT MULEY'S. TX0900 Facility # 1136B. VAN HORN, TEXAS. LOMETA, TEXAS. The Mule Deer is a deer indigenous to Western North America, it is named for its ears which are large like those of of the Mule. Mule Deer are more associated with the land west of the Missouri River and more specifically the Rocky Mountain Region.

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  1. Archery Mule Deer Hunts. Hunting Trophy Mule Deer bucks with a bow and arrow is the ultimate adrenaline rush. We offer archery hunts that are second to none. The private ranches we hunt have large resident herds of deer with little to no pressure at all. The Archery season usually starts the 3rd Saturday of August and continues into September
  2. Mule deer hunting in Alberta is some of the finest free range mule deer hunting available in North America. With deer numbers on the rise and the age class of the deer abundant its one of Canada's top producing provinces. Northern Alberta, along the farmland fringe is considered one of the best areas that an out of country hunter (non resident.
  3. Mule deer (Odocoilus hemionus) belong to the Cervidae family, hoofed mammals that have antlers, which also include elk (Cervus elaphus), moose (Alces alces), and caribou (Rangifer tarandus).There are numerous sub-classifications of deer, but the most distinctive include mule deer and white-tailed deer (O.virginianus).White-tailed deer are common throughout much of North America, and mule deer.

Mule Deer Hunting in Wyoming. Table Mountain Outfitters provides many private leases, which allow you the best opportunity to harvest a trophy animal without the pressure from other deer hunters. Our guided mule deer hunts offer the highest opportunity for a trophy you can display with pride. The average success rate on our mule deer hunt is 95. Mule deer rifle Nov 1 through Nov 20 Deer licenses are done by drawing. Application deadline is May 31 *Currently booking for 2022/2023* Season dates are subject to change by the Wyoming game and fish dept. Price. 5-day Sept archery mule deer cost $3,995 5-day Nov rifle/archery mule deer cost $4,500. Combo Hunt Pric Our Alberta trophy mule deer hunt is our specialty and ranks with the best there is. Whether you hunt the prairies in the south, the mountains in the west or the Peace River area in the north you'll soon see for yourself. Specializing in guided hunts for white-tailed deer and mule deer in southern Alberta, Canada However, Mule Deer range extends onto the plains in areas of rough terrain such as river breaks and sandhills. Mule and Black-tailed deer occur from northern Mexico to southeast Alaska and southern Yukon and from the Pacific coast to western Manitoba, Kansas, and northwest Texas. Since 1950, the number of Mule Deer in North America ha Speaking of mule deer habitat, people who love to hunt mule deer should understand that we are losing it an astonishing pace. The loss of wintering range, in particular, is probably the biggest single problem facing mule deer in the Rocky Mountains. We are losing sagebrush terrain thanks to fire suppression, this allows the encroachment of.

Mule deer hunters provide an economic boost to many of the communities where Washington's mule deer occur. The purpose of this plan is to provide background information on the natural history, biology, and status of mule deer herds in Washington State, describe current management issues, and establish objectives and strategies to guide future. The rifle/scope you mention is more than adequate for a mule deer. Again, welcome and good luck. Reactions: Setcams4u. Jul 7, 2020 #3 LCH Well-known member. Joined Dec 9, 2013 Messages 3,918 Location Southern Indiana. You'll probably see some tiny deer in the rocks, about the same size of your Florida deer. I've not hunted there but I have next.

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Management of mule deer in relation to oil and gas development in Montana's overthrust belt. Pp. 113-121 in J. Emerick, et aI., eds., Proc. III: Issues and technology in the management of impacted wildlife, Thome Ecological Institute, Boulder, Colo. Jackson, S.D. 1990. Ecology of mule deer on a sagebrush-grassland habitat in northeastern Montana If a mule deer has perfect forks, it symbolizes maturity, which is a good score in every hunter's book. Mass of the Mule Deer. Mass does not add much to the score, yet every hunter will still claim it. In many cases, some people let mule deer walk because weight can make the tines appear smaller Greg Simmons has taken several mule deer over 200-inches, but this monster, known as Hank, is in a class all by itself. Everything is bigger in Texas, including this new state record scoring 292 B&C with 27 total points and a 32-inch inside spread. #1 - 315 B&C - 2019. Brian Bailey experienced a dream come true in December of 2019, when he. Rocky Ridge started breeding mule deer with the goal of improving mule deer genetics in the same manner they did the whitetail. In 1981, the world record free-range whitetail buck scored 333. That records still stands today in wild free-range according to Boone & Crocket Record books. In 1997, when Rocky Ridge started raising whitetail deer.

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6382-9929. More 1. Idaho, XXL, 50-55 long plus tail; extra, extra wide skin, dark color, November quality fur, abdominal cut, #1 select quality. Exceptionally nice skin. Beautiful skin. This is one of the nicest mule deer hides we have ever offered. Huge and close to being perfect $399.95 /ea Due to an extremely high demand for our services, we are currently booking mule deer 2-3 years in advance in most cases. we have an extremely high return rate with clients, so getting a spot can be challenging. we also offer management hunts for hunters not concerned with trophy size or hunters wishing to still hunt and get experience prior to.

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  1. Despite this, the mtDNA of the white-tailed deer and mule deer are similar, but differ from that of the black-tailed deer. This may be the result of introgression , although hybrids between the mule deer and white-tailed deer are rare in the wild (apparently more common locally in West Texas ), and the hybrid survival rate is low even in captivity
  2. Monster Muleys Community. Mule Deer, Elk, More Hunt Talk. Hunting Forums at Monster Muleys. Connect with other sportsmen who share your passion. Gather and share information, meet new hunting friends and share your opinions
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  4. Guitar Mule Deer Rifle Hunting. We offer mule deer hunts on our ranch near Spur, Texas, in Dickens County. The ranch is situated on the caprock escarpments in northwest Texas and is often regarded as our most picturesque ranch in our holdings. The terrain of the Spur Ranch varies from high vistas, draws, canyons, mesquite flats, and rolling.
  5. Mule Deer Information. Unlike the whitetail deer (which are most commonly seen on the east side of the Rocky Mountains), the mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) is a species that primarily inhabits that western part of North America, as well as western parts of the Canadian Rockies and Mexico.Typically, they stay on the western side of the Mississippi river and are rarely found on the eastern side
  6. Mule deer are loved by many, but hunted by few when compared to the more popular whitetail deer. But the western cousin still draws a lot of hunters to the woods each season. And between the three subspecies, their kind has a modern cult following that herald them above all other animals

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Our trophy mule deer and whitetail hunts are conducted at our Eastern Plains location and provide some excellent hunting opportunities for trophy class bucks. All archery, muzzleloader and rifle deer hunts are 5 days in duration. The eastern plains hunts are our most popular for trophy deer and subsequently book up well in advance Mule deer also have sharp hooves and pointy antlers which smart wolves avoid. Mule deer live in small family groups rather than large herds. In the fall, the does gather around dominant bucks for the rut (mating season). Like other ungulates, the males spar, posture, and try to drive away other bucks. Of course, they would rather win by looking. The Kaibab Mule Deer Guides Team is dedicated to providing the serious trophy mule deer hunter with the finest premium quality, professionally guided and outfitted mule deer hunts available on the Kaibab Plateau. The founding partners of Arizona Strip Guides provide tag holders for the Kaibab mule deer hunts with a professional guide and outfitter service

View Mule Deer Photo Gallery. Rates & Season. Our ranch is on the Texas Parks and Wildlife MLD Program. This is a special management program that allows a landowner to hunt during peak rut. We book these hunts from mid-December through mid-January when the biggest bucks are with the does or are on the move looking for un-bred does. Please check. Mule Deer. Please don't let the name fool you. We are more than just an Elk outfitter, we are also a premier Mule Deer outfitter. The nice thing for you is to hunt Mule Deer or Elk OR BOTH it is the same price.Due to the conservation efforts of the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Mule Deer hunts are draw only (which increase the quality of Mule Deer) Mule deer live from the alpine to wet forests and are often found in areas cleared by forest fires or logging. Diet & Behaviour. They eat grass, foliage, twigs, and shrubs. In the winter they retreat to the forest, where they browse on understory vegetation, particularly lichens. The males use their antlers for fighting, getting food from trees. MULE DEER HUNTING New Mexico Hunting Adventures offers Mule Deer hunting across New Mexico. Your chance at a trophy Mule Deer is great with us because we manage ranches with high populations of deer, which give you the opportunity to harvest the trophy of a lifetime Folsom Prison Blues (Live) Gary Mule Deer. 3. Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys Gary Mule Deer. 4. Tribute To Johnny Cash Gary Mule Deer. 5. Church Bulletins Rev. Mule Deer Gary Mule Deer. 6. Singing Wrong Words Gary Mule Deer

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Mule Deer Hunting Details. Prices: $3500 for a 4-day hunt. Results: Each year, our hunts are a huge success with several whitetail and mule deer are taken. Photos of these deer can be viewed in our hunting photo gallery of recent deer hunts and archived whitetail/mulies.. Included In Hunt: All hunts include meals, lodging and transportation to and from airport The mule deer is the larger member of the genus in Oregon. The ears are long, the metatarsal gland is surrounded by hairs similar in color but considerably longer than those on the remainder of the metatarsus, and the tail is short and constricted basally Mule deer usually live 9-11 years in the wild and can live to be much older when in captivity. These deer range from 3.0-3.5 feet tall at the shoulder, 4.5-7.0 feet long and have a tail that is 5.0-8.0 inches long. they can weigh between 130-280 pounds. The female deer are smaller than the male

Mule deer summering in the Cascades migrate as far as 80 miles to reach adequate winter range. Black-tailed and white-tailed deer normally reside within a ½ to 3 square-mile area; in mountainous locations, they move to lower elevations for the winter. Reproduction and family structure Mule deer are one of those iconic animals of the West that embed themselves deep in the souls of hunters across the country. From the breathtaking country that they live into those big antlers we all love, mule deer receive a lot of attention from many directions. The opportunity to hunt them out West is, thankfully, fairly vast — especially. Mule deer is perceived to be the creature of the wide open plains, that should be spotted from afar, stalked, and shot at a long range with a rifle. This is not always true; in some corners of the West mule deer stick to densely wooded ravines, and opportunities for bowhunting always exist Mule deer respond surprisingly well to a bit of nurturing; the average Texas mule deer buck today is bigger than you might expect, and monsters are turning up every year. The same can be said of desert mule deer on managed lands in Coahuila and Chihuahua. Considering the great difficulty in finding a really good muley in the Rocky. Listen to Gary Mule Deer by Gary Mule Deer, 17 Shazams

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Trophy Mule Deer Hunting Quality hunting without the high fence price. With a high hunter success rate, our 5,000 acre family farm and ranch (est. 1939), has some of the best and healthiest mule deer in the area Hunt #6015 DIY/Semi-Guided Mule Deer/Whitetail 5,000 Ac Private. From $1,495.00. Quick Shop

Tracking and taking down a big mule deer takes time. Thus, you need to be patient. When scouting an area, be on the lookout for magpies. Magpies and mule deer have an interesting relationship and more often than not where there is a congregation of magpies, there is bound to be a deer Unit 26 Wildnerness Rut Hunts. This is a fly in, tent camp, wilderness, horseback, rut hunt for Mule Deer in November. The Idaho Fish and Game limited the number of hunters in this unit in 2017. Since then, our Mule Deer have made a come back. This hunt allows you to hunt in the center of the Frank Church Wilderness on horseback

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Sonora Mule Deer Hunting Terrain. Our 250,000 acres of lush desert habitat sits in the northwest portion of Sonora. Proper management along with minimal hunting pressure make for an exciting muley hunt. What truly makes an area like this unique is a natural mix of hills and desert flats, giving us the ability to get a birds eye view of the. Mule deer have the heaviest body weight and largest racks of all mule deer species. Mature buck weights can vary based on location, but northern bucks commonly tip the scales at over 300 pounds. Decades ago, trophy mule deer were fairly common - but encroachment of whitetail and land fragmentation, to name a few, have made finding trophy deer. The Gunnison basin deer herd is managed to produce older age class, mature bucks. You have a legitimate chance at finding deer in the 180+ inch Boone and Crockett range. All guided Colorado mule deer hunts are 1x1 guided and 5-days. Our early season mule deer hunting package (archery and muzzleloader) includes 6-day food and lodging accommodations

Mule deer were named for their mule-like ears, which are larger than those of whitetail. The mule deer's ears also stand about a 30-degree angle on the head, as opposed to the whitetail's which are rounded and stand more erect. Fur Color. Mule deer have a coat that is more greyish-brown, while whitetails are more of a reddish-brown color Our mule deer hunting ranches are in what is known as some of the best country in Northwest Colorado. The terrain is rolling sage hills with draws and canyons, hay fields, river bottoms, meadows, juniper-pinon trees, cedar trees, that offer you some exciting hunting experiences Mule deer is approximate first week of October for rifle season. Archery deer in Oregon, tag is only given with a bull elk tag. Prices, Licenses & Season Dates. The Keystone Ranch is in the Ochoco Unit. Deer & elk tag applications must be in to the state by May 15th of same year

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Mule deer/Antelope combination hunts are very popular among our hunters and allow you to experience two great types of hunt on a single trip. Generally, you'll focus on the deer in the morning and evenings and hunt antelope during the middle of the day. Archery Hunts. Archery mule deer hunts begin September 1 and rifle hunts begin on October 1 Please contact us for questions on pricing or reservations for guided mule deer hunts in Wyoming. (435) 510-5847 - (801) 655-5484 Trophy Mule Deer Hunts. We are looking forward to our 18th consecutive hunting season on the Eastern Plains in Colorado. Here at Kiowa Creek Outfitters, our deer quality continues to improve. While we target 175+ bucks, we continue to drop several world-class Muleys every year. Our Eastern Plains Mule Deer operations encompass over 60,000.

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